Why become a postgraduate student member?

There are many benefits of postgraduate or student membership to the IAG. Listed below are just some of the activities that the IAG undertakes that are of interest to students and also some of the more tangible benefits of IAG membership. Being a member of the IAG is also about being part of an active, supportive and nurturing postgraduate and academic community and contributing to the discipline across local and national scales. Hopefully such benefits and those listed below may encourage you to join the IAG and participate in the various activities.

IAG Activities of particular interest to Postgraduates:

The IAG Conference is held every year somewhere in Australia or New Zealand. Postgraduates are encouraged to attend and present their research, and limited funds are available to support postgraduate travel to these conferences. Postgraduate workshops and events are held during IAG conferences, and there is usually a Postgraduate Day before the conference starts.

The IAG journal Geographical Research is the internationally refereed journal of the Institute. It publishes work on the geography of Australia and its Pacific, Indian Ocean, Asian and Antarctic neighbourhoods and on the nature, methods and study of geography, interpreted in its widest sense. The journal editorial team is keen to publish postgraduate research.

The IAG also produces a regular Newsletter detailing events, activities and developments in Australian geography.

Students are encouraged to join one or more of the Study Groups supported by the IAG. There are Groups for Critical Development; Cultural Geography; Economic Geography; Geographies of Children and Young People Study GroupGIScience, Spatial Analysis and Modelling; Health Geography; Indigenous Peoples’ Knowledges and Rights; Legal Geography; Nature, Risk and Resilience; Political Geography; Rural Geography; Urban Geography.

Some Benefits of IAG Student Membership:

  •     Access to the IAG’s international journal Geographical Research and the IAG Newsletter
  •     Financial support to present papers at IAG conferences
  •     Opportunity to join IAG Study Groups
  •     Build support networks by meeting other IAG members and potentially improve your employment prospects
  •     Opportunities to network via the IAG-List, IAG LinkedIn and Social media (IAG Facebook Site and IAG Twitter and GR Twitter)
  •     Participate in IAG postgraduate activities (e.g. Conference and Study Group workshops).

Cost of Membership:

For a fuller list of Membership Benefits and costs click here.

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