Travel grants for postgraduates

IAG Travel Grants for Postgraduate Members

The IAG supports the active participation of its postgraduate members. To further this aim the IAG provides travel grants to assist eligible Research Higher Degree students to attend the annual IAG National Conference. The following describes the selection criteria and application process for postgraduate members of the IAG who wish to apply for funding to attend.

* The IAG Conference in Hobart 9-13 July, 2019

Eligibility criteria and award conditions:

To be eligible for an IAG Postgraduate Travel Grant you must be:

  • a current financial member of the IAG
  • (Note: applications from student members outside Australia will be considered);
  • enrolled in either a Masters degree (Research) or a Doctoral degree on the date you apply for funding;
  • presenting a paper at the conference; and
  • registered to attend the conference for its full duration.
  • prepared to submit a 500 word ‘reflection’ report for the IAG Council

Travel grants are awarded at the discretion of the IAG Council. Whilst the total sum awarded is generous, the amount of each individual grant will vary depending on the number and location of applicants as a tiered system of funding is employed according to distance travelled to and from the event. In previous years individual grants have rarely exceeded several hundred dollars per applicant. Students are encouraged to pursue other sources of funding support if required.

Students who have been successful in applying for an IAG postgraduate travel grant, and who have paid for their conference registration, but find they do not have sufficient funds (and will therefore no longer be attending the conference), can apply for a refund of the conference registration fee. Please contact conference organisers to seek the registration refund, and contact the IAG Treasurer for details as to how to return the postgraduate travel grant to the IAG.

Post Travel:

Grant recipients must write a 500 word report for the IAG Council. The report should outline your participation in the conference, your reflections on the conference and detail how you spent the grant money. Your report should be submitted to the Vice-President (Past President), Ian Rutherfurd within 30 days of the conclusion of the conference. Reports may be reproduced in part or full in the IAG Newsletter.