Study Groups - Model Constitution

Study group Model Constitution (PDF)

  1. The Group shall be called the ……….. Study Group, hereinafter referred to as the Group.
  2. The Group shall be a Study Group of the Institute of Australian Geographers, hereinafter referred to as the Institute.
  3. The Group must ensure compliance with the requirements of the IAG in order to maintain its status as a Study Group of the Institute.
  4. In keeping with the six objectives of the Institute’s Study Group program, the specific objectives of the Group are to ………….
  5. Membership of the Group shall be open to all financial members of the Institute and such other persons as the committee of the Group shall consider eligible, subject to the requirement that the minimum proportion of financial members in the group is eighty per cent.
  6. With the exception of members of the Group who are not also members of the Institute, all members may be nominated for any office of the Group.
  7. Management of the Group shall be in the hands of elected office bearers including at least one Convenor.
  8. The Group shall endeavour to hold a General Meeting once a year, whenever possible to coincide with the IAG Annual Conference. An Annual Report of the Group’s activities shall be submitted to the IAG Council each year.
  9. The funds of the Group shall be managed in accordance with any requirements stipulated by the Institute and at the discretion of the Committee in pursuit of the objectives of the Group. A Group office bearer shall keep proper books of account.
  10. The group may cease to be the …… Study Group of the Institute either by a decision at the Annual General Meeting of the Institute, or by a decision of the Council of the Institute.
  11. The Group may at any time be dissolved at a General Meeting of the Institute or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Institute by two-thirds of those present.
  12. In the event of the Group being dissolved, all debts and liabilities shall be discharged by the members of the Group. No individual member of the Group shall benefit financially. Any balance remaining in the account will be made over to the Institute