Study Groups

IAG members are encouraged to join one or more of the Study Groups supported by the IAG. IAG Members are eligible to join up to three (3) Study Groups and to participate in IAG-funded study group events. The selection of these Study Groups is part of the member sign-up or renewal process. The Study Group portals are a members-only section of the IAG website.

Current Study Groups include:

Study Groups of the Institute of Australian Geographers achieve the following objectives:

  1. promote the scholarly development and impact of a diverse range of geographical sub-disciplines and fields in Australia;
  2. foster collegial, productive, diverse and self-governing communities of practice within the IAG;
  3. host events and activities that realise high-quality and innovative research, education and engagement outcomes, foster career development and build collaborations with cognate disciplines and professions;
  4. advance the reputation of Australian geography nationally and internationally;
  5. attract and retaining financial IAG members by adding value to IAG membership; and
  6. contribute to the intellectual and logistical success of the IAG’s annual conference.
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