Recent Publications by IAG Members

This page lists recent items published by members of the Institute of Australian Geographers, and includes an archive of books published by IAG members since 2005.
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Recent Publications by IAG Members

Journal articles

Akhter, S., Dasvarma, G., Saikia, U., 2020. ‘Reluctance of women of lower socio-economic status to use maternal healthcare services – Does only cost matter’? PLOS ONE (Q1, H Index 300). Available online: 

Butler, G., & Szili, G. 2020. ’Mediating technologies on the move: Tourists’ automobilities through the Limestone Coast, South Australia’. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 369-381.

Butler, G., Szili, G., & Huang, H. 2021. Cultural heritage tourism development in Panyu, Guangzhou: Community narratives of pride, preservation, and concerns for the future’, Journal of Heritage Tourism,

Clarke, B., & Cong, V. C. 2021. ‘EIA effectiveness in Vietnam: Key stakeholder perceptions’. Heliyon, 7(2), [e06157]. 

Clarke, B., Thet, A. K., Sandhu, H., & Dittmann, S. 2021. ‘Integrating cultural ecosystem services valuation into coastal wetlands restoration: A case study from South Australia’. Environmental Science and Policy, 116, 220-229. 

Danaher, M., Wu, J. & Hewson, M. 2021. 'Sustainability: A regional Australian experience of educating Secondary Geography Teachers', Education Sciences, vol. 11, no. 3, p. 126.

Gayatri, Maria and Gouranga Lal Dasvarma 2020. ‘Predictors of early initiation of in Indonesia: A population-based cross-sectional survey’. PLoS ONE 15(9): e0239446. https://doi. org/10.1371/journal.pone.023944

Hannam, K., Butler., G, Witte, A., & Zuev, D. 2021. ’Mobilities: Walking, cycling, driving and waiting’, Tourist Studies,

Hay, I. 2020. ‘Zoom and place: Video conferencing and virtual geography’, South Australian Geographical Journal, vol. 116, no. 1, pp. 7-11. 

Hay, I. 2020. ‘On geoscientisation: A response to Cupples’, New Zealand Geographer, 

Islam, R., S. Schech, U. Saikia 2020. ‘Climate change events in the Bengali migration to the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) in Bangladesh’, Climate and Development, Taylor and Francis Inc. Available at (Q1) 

Kimpton, A. 2020. ‘Explaining the railheading travel behaviour with home location, Park ‘N’ Ride characteristics, and the built environment to strengthen multimodalism’. Applied Spatial Analysis

Kimpton, A. 2020. ‘Visualising Australia’s older population using grid maps’. Australian Population Studies 4(1), 70-72.

Kimpton A. 2020. ‘Upset diagrams for examining whether parking maximums influence modal choice and car holdings’. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 52(6):1023-1026. doi:10.1177/0308518X19890871

Kimpton, A., Pojani, D., Sipe, N., & Corcoran, J. 2020. ‘Parking Behavior: Park ‘n’ Ride (PnR) to encourage multimodalism in Brisbane. Land Use Policy, 91.

Liu, T. Xia, J. & Crowe-Delaney, L. 2020. ‘Tourism information diffusion through SNSs: A theoretical approach’, Sustainability, 12(5) 1731;

Oppenheimer, M., Schech, S., Fathi, R., Wylie, N., & Wall, R. 2020. ‘Resilient Humanitarianism? Using Assemblage to reevaluate the history of The League of Red Cross Societies’, The International History Review (open access) (SJR 2019: 0.151; Q2 History)

Smith, C., J. Grant, A. Kearney, A. Kotarba, K. Pollard, U. Saikia, & C. Wilson (with J. Willika) 2020. ‘A View from the bush: how lockdown affects remote Indigenous communities differently’. The Conversation. 15 May.

Schech, S., Skelton, T., Mundkur, A. & Kothari, U. 2020. ‘International volunteerism and capacity development in nonprofit organizations of the Global South’, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 49(2): 252-271 DOI: 10.1177/0899764019867774 (SJR 2019: 1.031; Q1 Social Sciences).

Tangney, P. 2020. 'Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't: The impact of economic rationalist imperatives on the adaptive capacity of public infrastructure in Brisbane, Australia and Cork, Ireland', Environmental Policy and Governance, vol. 30, no. 6, pp. 359-372. 

Tangney, P.C. 2020. 'Does risk-based decision-making present an ‘epistemic trap’ for climate change policymaking?', Evidence & Policy, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 661-672. 

Tangney, P. 2020. 'Understanding Climate Change as risk: A review of IPCC guidance for decision-making', Journal of Risk Research, vol. 23, no. 11, pp. 1424-1439. 


Kim, H. M., Sabri, S., & Kent, A. (Eds.) 2020. Smart Cities for Technological and Social Innovation: Case Studies, Current Trends, and Future Steps. Academic Press.

Bartel, R., Branagan, M., Utley, F., & Harris, S. (Eds.) 2020.  Rethinking Wilderness and the Wild: Conflict, Conservation and Co-existence. Routledge.

Rimmer, P. J. 2020. China’s Global Vision and Actions: Reactions to Belt, Road and Beyond. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Book Chapters

Cope, M. and Hay, I. 2021. ‘Where are we now? Qualitative Research in Human Geography’ in Hay, I. & Cope, M. (eds) Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography, 5th edn, Oxford University Press, Toronto, pp. 3-17.

Crowe-Delaney, L. 2020. ‘Japanese Tourism in the late 20th/early 21st century: An aim for economic recovery ‘(Chap12): in (eds T. O’Rourke, M. Košcak), Ethical and Responsible Tourism Managing Sustainability in Local Tourism Destinations, Routledge ISBN 9780367191443 

Crowe-Delaney, L. 2020. ‘Queensland-Gold Coast tourism, the Japanese era 1980-1997 and single market strategies - a case study’ (Chap25): in (eds T. O’Rourke, M. Košcak), Ethical and Responsible Tourism Managing Sustainability in Local Tourism Destinations, Routledge  ISBN 9780367191443

Dickens, L. & Hay, I. 2020. ‘Geographers and ethics’, Oxford Bibliographies in Geography, ed. Barney Warf, Oxford University Press, New York. (@10,000 words) DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199874002-0223 

Hay, I. 2020. ‘Qualitative data’ (updated) in The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment and Technology, eds. D. Richardson, N. Castree, M.F. Goodchild, A.L. Kobayashi, W. Liu, & R.A. Marston, Wiley-Blackwell. DOI: 10.1002/9781118786352.wbieg0421.pub2 

Hay, I. & Dickens, L. 2020. ‘Geography and ethics’, Oxford Bibliographies in Geography, ed. Barney Warf, Oxford University Press, New York. (@10,000 words) DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199874002-0093  

Kimpton, A., Pojani, D., Sipe, N., & Corcoran, J. 2021. ‘Parking Policy and Bay-Sharing for Unmooring Automobility from Cities’. In T. Sigler & J. Corcoran (eds.) The Modern Guide to the Urban Sharing Economy. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

Schech, S. 2020. ‘Becoming South Australian: Sub-national government and humanitarian migrant perspectives on settlement and belonging’, in Sacramento, Octávio, Challinor, Elizabeth, & Silva, Pedro G. (Eds.) (2020). Quest for Refuge: Reception Responses from the Global North. Famalicão: Humus, pp. 129-147.

Sherval, M. 2020. ‘Energising the Law - Greening of Fossil Fuels and the Rise of Gendered Political Subjects’, In O’Donnell, T., Robinson, D.F. & Gillespie, J. (Eds) Legal Geography Perspectives and Methods, Routledge, London pp. 240-257.


Kimpton, A., Pojani, D., Ryan, C., Ouyang, L., Sipe, N., & Corcoran, J. 2020. Contemporary parking policy, practice, and outcomes in three large Australian cities. Progress in Planning, 100506.


Archive of Books Published by IAG members

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