Past Fay Gale Lectures

2019 Hobart
Dr Sangeetha Chandrashekeran (University of Tasmania)
Mapping possible and preferable energy futures – geographic challenges

2018 Auckland Hosted by NZGS

2017 Brisbane
Dr Adele Pavlidis (Griffith University)

2016 - Adelaide
Dr Jen Cleary (University of Adelaide)
"It would be like selling my own son”: exploring alternative forms of value in Australian bush foods value chains

2015 Canberra 
Myat Thu,
Engaging with Human Geography: From the rural villages of Timor-Leste to international oil companies

2014 Melbourne (Combined NZGS)

2013 Perth 

2012 Sydney

2011 Wollongong
Drs Leah Gibbs and Sarah Hamylton
Contemporary Australian geographies ‘on the edge’: the edges of our discipline, the edge of empire, and the cutting edge