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The IAG Conference is the annual meeting of the Institute of Australian Geographers, aiming to promote and advance the discipline of geography. Participants from academic, non-profit, government, business, research, and other institutional backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Events are listed on the Events calendar. Many are public events, but some events are IAG-Member Only and will require online registration.

Our Latest News reports on many items of interest to Geographers that might not get to be included in our more detailed IAG Newsletters

Our IAG Newsletter reports on IAG News - Council News; reports from the National Committee for Geography and IGU regional conference; current activities of members including research and other innovations, as well as details of the nomination process for various IAG awards; FASTS news; News from Departments; What Geographers are working on…

  • Our Newsletter Editor is Meg Sherval. Any news items can be sent to her at:
  • As of 2013 we have expanded the production of the newsletter to 3 times per year, and you can download and read the Newsletters (from No. 45 Dec 2001 to present) from our Newsletters page.

We also communicate with our members and the wider geography community through the IAG-List, and our social media platforms - IAG Facebook Site; LinkedIn Profile; and IAG Twitter, GR Twitter feeds.

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