about the Message Stick Artists

The Message Stick Artists – Mr Badger Bates, Mr Bilyara Bates and Mr Phillip Bates

The Message Stick idea was initially proposed in 2011 by Mr Rob Evitt, an Aboriginal research student at the University of Wollongong, during the Indigenous Issues Study Group meeting convened by Dr Judith Burns. Mr Evitt suggested that well-known artist, Mr Badger Bates, should be invited to create the Message Stick. The Message Stick was first presented at the commencement of the IAG Conference at Macquarie University, Monday 2 July 2012. A video was created showing the Message Stick and handover to Professor Richie Howitt for safekeeping prior to a handover at the 2013 IAG Conference in Perth.

Mr Badger Bates is a Paakantji knowledge holder and traditional owner. His country is located from just south-west of Bourke to the Wilcannia area in western New South Wales and includes Mutawintji National Park. Mr Bates is a renowned artist, sculptor and printmaker. He lives in Broken Hill. His sons, Mr Bilyara Bates and Mr Phillip Bates, assisted with the work.

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