IAG Membership Benefits

Membership benefits

Membership entitles subscribers to a range of annual services (based on a calendar year: i.e. January to December).

  • Four issues of Geographical Research: The Journal of the Institute of Australian Geographers.
  • Three issues of the IAG Newsletter.
  • Reduced registration fees at annual conferences.
  • Eligibility to join up to three (3) study groups and to participate in IAG-funded study group events.
  • Access to the members-only section of the IAG website.
  • Opportunities to network via the IAG Listserve.
  • Access via Council to the National Committee for Geography, Academy of the Sciences, and the International Geographical Union.

Your membership also supports the ability of the IAG to do the following.

  • Recognise outstanding individual contributions to geography and the IAG through a variety of awards.
  • Make submissions on behalf of geography and geographers on matters such as human research ethics, geography in secondary schools, the statistical classification of geographical research, and the assessment of research impact.
  • Promote the discipline of geography in Australian universities and internationally.
  • Support and encourage postgraduate students.
  • Communicate geography and what geographers do to the media, decision-makers and the general community.

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