PUBLISHED: IAG Newsletter No. 95 December 2022

10th December 2022
By Meg Sherval - IAG Communications (Newsletter) Editor

We hope you enjoy reading edition No. 95 of the IAG Newsletter which continues to be a key means by which members can be informed of research and initiatives, and connect with others.

No. 95 December 2022

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Please be aware that our next IAG Newsletter comes out in April 2023. So please continue collecting Departmental News and your personal achievements to celebrate.

Meg Sherval (Honorary IAG Communications Editor).


The IAG Newsletter reports on IAG news—Council news, reports from the National Committee for Geography and IGU regional conference, current activities of members including research and other innovations, as well as details of the nomination process for various IAG awards, FASTS news, News from Departments, What Geographers are working on…

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