Save the date for IAG2023 - 4-7 July 2023

16th September 2022
Save the date for IAG2023 - 4-7 July 2023
IAG2023 is co-hosted by Curtin University and the University of Western Australia. It will be held in the new Design and Built Environment building on Curtin University’s Bentley Campus.

Save the date for IAG2023 - 4-7 July 2023

IAG2023 is co-hosted by Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.  It will be held in the new Design and Built Environment building on Curtin University’s Bentley Campus. 

Please put these dates in your diary from 4-7 July 2023.  There will also be a pre-conference workshop for Geography HDR students and fieldtrips and other events around the conference.  More information is coming soon on our conference website. 

We are also pleased to share the IAG2023 Conference theme.

Conference Theme: Coexistence, Collaboration and Geography

Coexistence and collaboration underlie responses to the important questions of our time. The great problems of our age are multidimensional, and require people with diverse skillsets and backgrounds to work across cultural, political, environmental, economic and disciplinary boundaries. However, these relationships often require careful consideration of a range of perspectives and approaches to articulate pathways to a better future. Here at IAG2023 Perth, we invite consideration of collaborations where diverse knowledge holders and diverse disciplines work together to address complex problems.

Geography is a diverse discipline that is home to geographers using different perspectives and methodological approaches to knowledge discovery. IAG2023 is a celebration of this diversity and welcomes research that illuminates the discipline’s varied thematic and methodological foundations, and the collaborations across our discipline and with other disciplines in the social and physical sciences. To this end, we invite spatial researchers, First Nations researchers, GIS and remote sensing specialists, physical and human geographers, anthropologists, planners, environmental scientists, architects and others, to bring their experiences, understandings and concerns to IAG2023. We call upon these spatial researchers to share learnings and reflections from their collaborative projects, and their interrogations of the practices and politics of coexisting ontologies, methods and perspectives.

The Wadjuk Nyungar Elders and Wadjuk Boodjar (Country) are fundamental to our conference, and we will draw on place-based practices of learning from and about Wadjuk Boodjar in our discussions and activities.

Within the theme of generating spaces for coexistence and collaboration, potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Learnings and reflections from collaborative projects;
  • Risk, hazards, social, environmental and climate change, regenerative development, and global health, in a time of crisis and change;
  • Issues and innovative approaches in GIS and other spatial methods;
  • Understanding the drivers and effects of landform degradations and transformations such as mining;
  • Between human and non-human/more than human worlds with particular attention to justice;
  • Understanding the drivers and effects of biodiversity loss;
  • Physical landscape processes in a changing climate
  • Coexistence and collaboration in development and planning for cities and regions;
  • Respectful engagement with Indigenous people and Indigenous geographical knowledges in Australian geography and beyond;
  • Indigenous heritage management and the possibilities and problems of managing heritage as a cultural landscape;
  • Rights to a sustained and secure coexistence across urban and rural geographies (for example housing, services and aging in place);
  • Methods for and outcomes from collaborations with community organisations and groups;
  • Issues and innovative approaches in geographical education.

For further information, please contact:

A/Prof. Tod Jones:

A/Prof. Kirsten Martinus:

We acknowledge the custodianship of the Whadjuk Noongar people of the Perth region where we live and work, and pay our respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging. 

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