Margo Huxley (Commendation)

Professional Service Award of the IAG
Margo Huxley
Conferred Fremantle, June 1998

Professional Service Awards of the IAG are made in recognition of distinguished professional service in applied geography or for innovation in the teaching of geography, or for service to geographical education.

Three awards are being announced today. Margaret Ella Huxley, David Rich and Elspeth Anne Young have all made an outstanding contribution to geographical education in Australia and in the application of geographical principles to Australian urban and rural life and livelihood.

Margo Huxley is known to most geographers in Australia and yet she maintains that she is not a geographer, but rather a friend of the discipline who gets stimulus from interacting with geographers.

Margo completed a BA at ANU in 1964 and 20 years later after a career in ‘household management’ she completed a Master of Urban Planning (Melbourne) in 1986. A decade ago in 1988 Margo began Manoeuvring at the Margins; the significance of feminism and geography for and public policy. Her link between environment and people and power. Making cities fun and linking landscape architecture and power including the framework of power, space, gender and power. Indeed power and empowerment have been themes that have run throughout her work. Today we recognise two particular areas. Her advocacy of recognition of the relationship between people and environment in urban landscapes and design and how they reflect power through planning and its application.

And for her boldness is teaching Feminist urban theory, gender class and the built environment. The IAG recognises this boldness and the innovations you have brought to the application of geography to urban areas.

Citation prepared by Professor Roger McLean.

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