Bob Galloway (Commendation)

Citation for the Professional Service Award Robert Galloway
Conferred Canberra, August 1987


Dr Galloway was bom and educated in Scotland. His early research was in periglacial phenomena, and the application of that knowledge to the Snowy Mountains in the early 1960s, after taking up a position with the then Division of Land and Regional Survey of CSIRO, led to a reinterpretation of the glacial history of that region. Bob has retained an interest in Quaternary environmental change, but the focus of his professional endeavours with the CSIRO over the past 25 years has been the application of his physical geographical skills to the solution of land and water problems. He has provided the solid backbone of applied physical geography to a Division which has undergone numerous personnel and divisional name changes since its inception. In recognition of his continued service to the discipline, through his professional activities in the CSIRO, the Council of the Institute of Australian Geographers is very pleased to offer the Professional Service Commendation Award to Dr Robert Galloway.

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