Past Fay Gale Lectures

2022 IAG Conference, Armidale
Dr Sanaz Alian (University of New England)
Ambivalence, built form and multicultural spaces: The case of Bankstown

2021 IAG/NZGS Conference, Sydney - virtual conference
Dr Sophie Webber (The University of Sydney)
For and against climate capitalist realism

2020 Webinar (Conference deferred)
Dr Chloe Lucas, Research Fellow in Geography, Planning and Spatial Sciences, (University of Tasmania)
Climate friction: How climate change communication co-produces resistance to concern
A documentary-style video of this lecture can be watched at:

2019 IAG Conference, Hobart
Dr Sangeetha Chandrashekeran (University of Tasmania)
Mapping possible and preferable energy futures – geographic challenges

(2018 NZGS/IAG Conference, Auckland)

2017 IAG Conference, Brisbane
Dr Adele Pavlidis (Griffith University)
Making “space” for women and girls in sport: An agenda for Australian geography

2016 IAG Conference, Adelaide
Dr Jen Cleary (University of Adelaide)
"It would be like selling my own son”: Exploring alternative forms of value in Australian bush foods value chains

2015 IAG Conference, Canberra
Dr Pyone Myat Thu (Australian National University)
Engaging with Human Geography: From the rural villages of Timor-Leste to international oil companies

(2014 IAG/NZGS Conference, Melbourne)

(2013 IAG Conference, Perth)

(2012 IAG Conference, Sydney)

2011 IAG Conference, Wollongong
Drs Leah Gibbs and Sarah Hamylton
Contemporary Australian geographies ‘on the edge’: The edges of our discipline, the edge of empire, and the cutting edge