Upcoming postgraduate events - IAG2024 Postgrad Day – Monday 1st July 2024 


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Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

We are delighted to provide information about the Postgraduate Day at IAG2024.

The day will be arranged around a series of interactive presentations/panels/sessions that are designed to address issues and interests that have been identified by you so far.

Led by leading geography scholars and experts, known for their excellence in HDR supervision and the field, there will be several sessions and for now, we have provisionally arranged for the following: -

  • “The Writers Coach” – how to publish from your PhD: many HDRs would love to publish their research, even if they don’t want to go on to do further research, but working out how to do it is daunting. This session takes you through some of the tips and tricks to look out for, the pitfalls and highs of seeing your name in print.
  • Life after a thesis…where to from here? Those of you who are in the later stages of their postgraduate journey may be wondering what to do next and how to start the process of setting yourself up for the next stage in your life. This session offers interactive discussion with previous students who are firmly ensconced in their next adventure, and with industry representatives, who will reflect on the best ways to approach them, get ready for jobs and how to network.
  • Finding balance – work/life: Establishing how to have a life and still have the energy to do the research as well as write up a thesis is a challenge, but so vital to ensuring you enjoy the process. This session will give you some great ideas on how to refresh your brain and spirits and maintain focus to the end.
  • Promoting your research: Geographical research is at the forefront of finding solutions to address all the major challenges we face in the world today. We also live in a world dominated by our social media interactions. Led by key communication and media experts - and whether you are an expert already or know nothing at all – this session will give you further ideas and skills around how to introduce your work to the public in innovative and wonderful ways.

To make sure we develop a final program that is reflective of the skills you wish to build, I encourage you to send in any other ideas/questions/issues you would like addressed as we move into drafting of the final program!

The day is part of your overall registration and will be fully catered, and if you only register for that day, also includes the welcome drinks. The day (Monday 1 July 2024) will start with a networking/meet and greet brunch at 9.00 am (sponsored by the Institute of Sustainability, Energy and Resources), and the day will open/start at 10.00 am.

See the conference page which is now live - https://au.eventscloud.com/website/2682/post-graduate-day/ where you can keep updated on what is happening

If you have any questions about the Postgrad Day, please email Melissa below


Looking forward to seeing you at the Postgrad Day!

Jen Carter

Melissa Nursey-Bray (VP IAG and Chair IAG Conference Organising Committee)

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