IAG Proposal for revision of IAG Awards 2019

The IAG Council has recently approved a proposal developed by the Awards Review Working Group, a sub-committee of Council, comprising of Robyn Bartel, Catherine Phillips and Meg Sherval, in order that the IAG may:

a)  recognise a greater diversity of contributions made by members; and
b)  support and encourage member contributions in a manner appropriate to current contexts of
working in, and contributing to, the discipline of geography in Australia.

The IAG Council has also recently approved a proposal from Emeritus Professor Richard Howitt for an award in honour of Dr William (‘Bill’) Jonas. This award proposal is included here with the approval of Emeritus Professor Howitt and the IAG Awards Review Working Group.

The following proposal includes four new awards and revisions to two existing awards. Where changes are being proposed to the current rules, this is identified by strikethrough and bold text.

IAG Proposal for revision of IAG Awards, 2019