IAG Equity Reference Group (IAG-ERG)

The Institute of Australian Geographers Equity Reference Group (IAG-ERG) provides advice to Council on equity issues within the Institute. As well as playing a role in developing the Institute’s Equity and Inclusion Strategy, the Group provides a forum for IAG members to discuss equity and inclusion issues and strategies within the Institute.

The Equity Reference Group is keen to hear from all members. If you would like to discuss equity issues with the Group, or are interested in being involved with the Group, please contact the Chair Dr Michele Lobo  michele.lobo@deakin.edu.au


Line of Reporting 

IAG President receives reports from IAG-ERG Chair, for discussion by Council. 


  • Chair – current or past member of the IAG Council
  • Secretary – IAG financial member
  • Ordinary members – 4 IAG financial members

Current Membership

  • Dr Michele Lobo (Chair) – Deakin University
  • Professor Andrew Gorman Murray (Secretary) – Western Sydney University
  • Dr Souvik Lal Chakraborty – Monash University
  • Dr Lara Daley – University of Newcastle

IAG Equity Statement for IAG Conferences

The IAG conference space aims to be a convivial, intellectually stimulating, inclusive, diverse, and safe space where everybody feels equally welcome. Creating such a space is the responsibility of everyone, even as we recognise that it can be quite difficult and challenging to put into practice, given complex intersections of race, Indigeneity, ethnicity, disability, gender, gender identity, sexuality, intersex status, class, caste, skin colour, age, citizenship/visa status, nationality and religion, for example. Geographers who explore place, space and scale as sites of differences, encounters, justices and progressive political imaginaries emphasise the importance of practices that create everyday equalities. Central to equality is dignity, respect, generosity, collegiality, shared responsibility and the deferral of quick judgements. During the conference be mindful of these principles as we act and engage individually and collectively in often unfamiliar environments and in passionate scholarship. Proactively watch out for those who stand on the sidelines who might feel hypervisible, invisible, hurt, unsafe, harassed or discriminated by our everyday acts and environments. It is our responsibility as geographers to come together as allies, accomplices and warriors to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion. We welcome feedback (at the time or privately) as part of our individual and disciplinary learning.

IAG2023: Institute of Australian Geographers Equity Reference Group: Welcoming equity yarns, ‘adda’ and chatter
We welcome students, academics and professional staff including those in positions of leadership in Geography (IAG Study Group Convenors, Heads of Schools, Research Institutes etc.) to mobilise empathy, thought and action in exploring equity, inclusion and diversity issues. Your ideas in this roundtable will play a key role in shaping the IAG’s equity, inclusion and diversity strategy. This session is also an opportunity to meet members of the Institute of Australian Geographers Equity Reference Group.

Organisers: Michele Lobo, Andrew Gorman-Murray, Souvik Lal Chakraborty, Lara Daley
Please contact: Michele.Lobo@deakin.edu.au and souvik.chakraborty@monash.edu to register your interest or just come along!

‘Welcoming equity yarns, ‘adda’ and chatter’ at the IAG Perth Conference
Date: Thursday 6 July
Time: 10.25 - 11.25 am
Venue: Room 418.206:ST.



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