GEOView is an online journal that supports, through publication, the diverse range of high quality research being undertaken by undergraduate students of Geography, Environmental Studies and allied disciplines (e.g. Planning and Heritage Management) across Australian universities. GEOView is published online by the Institute of Australian Geographers.

GEOView is one of the earliest online journals of its type. It was established in 1996 by Iain Hay and a group of his second year students at Flinders University to encourage and publicise the diverse range of high quality research being undertaken by undergraduate students in the School of Geography, Population and Environmental Management (SGPEM). The journal takes its name from the students’ society associated with the School at that time: ‘GEOS – Geography, Environment, Oekumene Society’.

The original ambitions of the journal were to give undergraduate students of Geography and Environmental Studies the chance to have their excellent work recognised publicly, provide a growing collection of high quality student work that could be referred to for a variety of learning-and-teaching reasons, and to provide students with the opportunity to participate actively in editorial and critical reviewer roles for an electronic journal.

In late 2008, Iain Hay and Flinders PhD student Edoardo Rosso approached IAG Council with a proposal that the Institute publish GEOView, offering it as a national outlet for undergraduate students. Council accepted the proposal and Edoardo Rosso became the journal’s first national Editor, with Andrew Gorman-Murray and Sean Sloan as the first members of the national editorial board. Andrew Gorman-Murray was then Editor until Steve Turton took on the role of Editor in 2016.

GEOView publishes the best of student work on the recommendation of assessors and with the consent of the student-authors. Submitted papers are peer-reviewed. The responsibility of the content lies with the authors.

Please click on the ARCHIVES to access previous issues of the journal, from 1997.

Principal Contact:
Dr Steve Turton
Adjunct Professor
Central Queensland University

Editorial Board:

Dr Robyn Bartel, University of New England, Australia
Dr Scott Sharpe, UNSW Canberra, Australia
Dr Matthew Rofe, University of South Australia, Australia
Dr Emma Power, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray, University of Adelaide, Australia
Dr Martine Maron, University of Queensland, Australia
Dr Paul Maginn, University of Western Australia, Australia
Dr Ruth Lane, Monash University, Australia
Dr Lesley Instone, University of Newcastle, Australia
Dr Donna Houston, Macquarie University, Australia
Dr Daniell Drozdzewski, UNSW Sydney, Australia
Dr Bruce Doran, Australian National University, Australia
Dr Kristin Den Exter, Southern Cross University, Australia
Dr Aidan Davison, University of Tasmania, Australia
Dr Amanda Davies, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Dr Jason Antony Byrne, Griffith University, Australia
Dr Hugo Bekle, University of Notre Dame Australia (Fremantle Campus), Australia
Sean Sloane, University of Melbourne, Australia
Dr Beverley Clarke, Flinders University, Australia