Fay Gale Memorial Lecture at IAG Conferences

Proposal for Fay Gale Memorial Lecture (IAG Minutes November 2008)

A proposal for a Fay Gale Memorial Lecture was submitted by Lesley Head.  The proposal was strongly supported by Council, with amendments to enable conference organisers to invite an appropriate person from another institution.  A copy of the amended proposal is below.  It was agreed that nominations be sent to the President, who will make a decision and send the invitation to the speaker.  IAG will fund the costs of attendance of the selected speaker.

Proposal for a Fay Gale Memorial Lecture

1.  At each IAG Conference an outstanding early career researcher working in Australia be invited to give a plenary lecture on a geographic topic of their choice.

2.  The lecture will be named the Fay Gale Memorial Lecture.

3.  It is expected that the lecture would be submitted to Geographical Research for publication.

4.  An early career researcher is defined by the ARC and the IGU as a person who completed a PhD less than five years ago.

5.  The conference organisers will select an appropriate speaker, with a preference for a local researcher, and send the nomination to the President six months before the conference.  The President will issue the invitation to the chosen speaker.

6.  In a New Zealand conference year, an alternative nominating mechanism could be used, e.g. Council could invite smaller departments to nominate someone.

7.  The IAG will fund the costs of the speaker’s attendance at the conference.