IAG Travel Grants for Early Career Members to present at the International Geographical Congress

Early Career Travel Grant 

The IAG provides travel grants to assist eligible early career/junior geographers (within 8 years of graduating with a geography degree) to present at the International Geographical Congress (IGU) held by the International Geographical Union (IGU).  

Eligibility criteria and award conditions
To be eligible for an Early Career Travel Grant you must be: 

  • An Australian citizen/permanent resident; 
  • a current financial member of the IAG; 
  • within 8 years of graduating with a degree in Geography; 
  • presenting a paper at the conference;  
  • registered to attend the conference for its full duration; and 
  • able to submit a 500 word ‘reflection’ report for the IAG Council.

A condition of the grant is that recipients write a 500 word report for the IAG Council, post conference. The report should outline the grant recipient's participation in the Congress, reflections on the Congress, and a budget acquittal. Reports should be submitted to the Vice-President (Past President) within 30 days of the conclusion of the Congress. The report may be reproduced in part or in full in the IAG Newsletter. 

This grant will next be called in 2022 to attend The International Geographical Union Congress in Paris, France, 18-22 July 2022

How to apply for funding to attend the IGU Congress in Paris, France, 18-22 July 2022 :

You must complete the ECR Travel Grant Application Form (RTF version or PDF version) and email it to Robyn Bartel rbartel@une.edu.au no later than **Friday 27 May 2022 (**extended date).
Please also send a copy to Kirsten Martinus kirsten.martinus@uwa.edu.au

In the subject line of your email please write “IAG ECR Travel Grant Application for the IGU Congress for [your name]”.

You must attach:

(i)     evidence of your registration at the congress;
(ii)    advice of the acceptance of your paper (where available);
(iii)   a copy of your paper’s abstract and title;
(iv)   proof of your graduation with a geography degree within the last 8 years; and
(v)    proof of Australian citizenship/permanent residency.

Travel grants are awarded at the discretion of the IAG Council. Whilst the total level of funding is generous, grants available to individuals will depend on the number of applicants. The exact amount of money available per applicant will depend on the number of applicants, an indicative minimum amount would be $500 if successful, but possibly more depending on the number of applicants.  Applicants are encouraged to pursue other sources of funding support if needed as well as refundable options for any expense.