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The IAG has several ways of communicating with members.

Recent and past news items can be viewed by clicking here.

The Newsletter is published three times a year and is mailed to all members. It has reports from the IAG Council, the National Committee for Geography, and the International Geographical Union, information on the current research and other activities of members, and news from geography departments, schools and units around Australia. To download copies click here.

The IAG-List is the electronic noticeboard of the Institute of Australian Geographers. It is a medium for communication and discussion, and is open to members and non-members. For information on how to join, click here.

The Institute of Australian Geographers now has a Facebook page at:

The IAG has also just started an email communication list exclusively for members, which will be linked to the membership database by early 2009.  This will be used to inform members of the activities of the Institute, distribute news from the two peak academic bodies with which the Institute is affiliated (the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies, and the Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences), ask for comment and input on matters referred to the IAG for advice, or distribute copies of submissions made by the IAG.

Details of the most recently published papers in the Institute’s journal, Geographical Research, are available via an RSS feed. The RSS feed includes information on each paper’s title and author as well as an abstract of content. The feed is updated immediately any new paper is available.
You can sign up for RSS feeds at:
Alternatively you can view the latest article RSS feed to the IAG website at: