Books by IAG members

This page lists books published by members of the Institute of Australian Geographers since 2005.  If you have a book to add to this page, please email Julie Kesby at

2019 Books

affective geographies

Saul, H. and E. Waterton (Eds) 2019. Affective Geographies of Transformation, Exploration and Adventure: Rethinking Frontiers, Routledge, Abingdon. Available at: https://www.routledge. com/Affective-Geographies-ofTransformation-Explorationand-Adventure-Rethinking/SaulWaterton/p/book/9781138701120

Stratford, Elaine 2019, Home, Nature, and the Feminine Ideal Geographies of the Interior and of Empire, Rowman & Littlefield International. Available at:

2018 Books

Transit Life

Bartel, Robyn; Noble, Louise; Williams, Jacqueline; Harris, Stephen (Eds), 2018. Water Policy Imagination and Innovation: Interdisciplinary Innovations, Routledge.
Available from: 

Bebbington, A., Abdulai, A.G., Bebbington, D.H., Hinfelaar, M. and Sanborn, C., 2018. Governing Extractive Industries: Politics, Histories, Ideas. Oxford University Press. Available at https://global. governing-extractive-industries9780198820932?cc=au&lang=en&

Bissell, David 2018. Transit Life: How Commuting Is Transforming Our Cities.  MIT Press, Available from:

Connell, John, Lee, Helen (Eds) 2018. Change and Continuity in the Pacific: Revisiting the Region, Routledge. Available from:

Jianhong X., Crowe-Delaney, L. et al., 2018. Investigating the Travel Patterns of Chinese Tourists in Western Australia.  Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre Report.

Maller, C., 2018. Healthy Urban Environments: More-than-human Theories, Routledge. Reviews, description and details here (also available on Amazon): Healthy-Urban-Environments-Morethan-Human-Theories/Maller/p/ book/9781138658851

McGregor, Andrew, Law, Lisa, and Miller, Fiona (Eds) 2018. Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian Development, Routledge, Oxon.  Available from:

Peters, Kimberly, Steinberg, Phil and Stratford, Elaine, (Eds) 2018.  Territory Beyond Terra, Rowman & Littlefield.  Available from:

Rimmer, Peter J. and Kam, Booi Hon.  2018. Consumer Logistics:  Surfing the Digital Wave.  Edward Elgar Publishing.  Available from:

Rowe, D., Turner, G. and E. Waterton (Eds) 2018. Making Culture: Commercialisation, Transnationalism, and the State of ‘Nationing’ in Contemporary Australia, Routledge, Abingdon. Available at https://www. book/9781138094123

Ruming, K. (Ed) 2018. Urban Regeneration in Australia: Policies, Processes and Projects of Contemporary Urban Change. Routledge, Oxon.  Available from:

Thwaites, Richard; Fisher, Robert and Poudel, Mohan (Eds) 2018. Community Forestry in Nepal: Adapting to a Changing World. Earthscan: London and New York.
Available from:

2017 Books

queering interior

Barry, Kaya 2017. Everyday Practices of Tourism Mobilities: Packing a bag. Routledge, Oxon & New York. Available from: 

Cubero, Carlo  2017. Caribbean Island Movements:  Culebra’s Trans-insularities.  Rowman & Littlefield International.  Available from:

Ellem, Bradon, 2017. The Pilbara: From the Deserts Profits Come, Crawley, UWA Publishing. Available at:

Gorman-Murray, Andrew; Cook, Matt; Cox, Rosie;  Buchli, Victor 2017. Queering the Interior, Bloomsbury. Available at https://www.

Hirsch, Philip (Ed.), 2017. Routledge Handbook of the Environment in Southeast Asia, London, Routledge. Available at: 

Kapstein, Helen 2017.  Postcolonial Nations, Islands, and Tourism: Reading Real and Imagined Spaces. Rowman and Littlefield International.  Available from:

Morrison. Glenn 2017. Writing Home: Walking, Literature and Belonging in Australia’s Red Centre, MUP Press. Available from:

Stratford, Elaine, (Ed.), 2017. Island Geographies: Essays and Conversations. London and New York: Routledge. For the contents page see: Island-Geographies-Essays-and-conversations/Stratford/p/book/9781138921726

Williams, Stewart and Warf, Barney (Eds) 2017. Drugs, Law, People, Place and the State: Ongoing regulation, resistance and change. Routledge, London. Available from: (Also with a 20% discount!)

2016 Books

global undergrounds

Boer, B; Hirsch, P; Johns, F; Saul, S; and Scurrah, N, 2016, The Mekong: A Socio-legal Approach to River Basin Development, Earthscan/Routledge, London. Available at: Development/Boer-Hirsch-Johns-Saul-Scurrah/p/book/9781138788459

Bourman, Robert P.; Murray-Wallace, Colin V. and Harvey, Nick 2016, Coastal Landscapes of South Australia, University of Adelaide Press, Available from: 

Cook ,N., Davison A., Crabtree L. (Eds) 2016. Housing and Home Unbound: Intersections in Economics, Environment and Politics in Australia. Routledge, Oxon and New York. Available from:

Connell, John and Lutkehaus, Nancy 2016, Another Manam? The forced migration of the population of Manam Island, Papua New Guinea, due to volcanic eruptions 2004-2005, International Organization for Migration, Geneva (71 pp). Available from: 

Dr. Bradley Garrett has had a co-edited book called Global Undergrounds: Exploring Cities Within 2016. originally published by Reaktion Books, translated into Chinese by Domain Publishing. display.asp?ISB=9781780235769

Hay, I. (ed.) 2016, Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography, 4th edition, Oxford University Press, Toronto. Available from:

Hay, I. and Beaverstock, J. (eds) 2016, Handbook on Wealth and the Super-Rich, Edward Elgar, London. Available from:

Kanua, Matthew; Bourke, Mike: Jinks, Brendan and Lowe, Michael, 2016. Assessing Food Needs Following a Natural Disaster in Papua New Guinea. Church Partnership Program, Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency. Downloadable (free of charge) from: 

Kinane, Ian 2016, Theorising Literary Islands: The Island Trope in Contemporary Robinsonade Narratives, Rowman and Littlefield International. More information at:
With co-editors Godfrey Baldacchino and Elizabeth McMahon, Elaine Stratford is pleased to announce this is the first of three books in the Rethinking the Island series.

Margerum, Richard and Robinson, Cathy (Eds) The Challenges of Collaboration in Environmental Governance. Edward Elgar Publishing, available at: http://www.e- 

Rimmer, Peter J. and Ward, R. Gerard 2016. ‘Paul Dibb: The power of geography’, in Desmond Ball and Sheryn Lee (Eds) Geography, Power, Strategy and Defence Policy: Essays in Honour of Paul Dibb. Canberra: ANU Press,  pp 35-69. Available at

Short, Andrew and Klein, Antonio H. (eds) 2016, Brazilian Beach Systems, Springer. Available from: 

Vincent, Eve and Neale, Timothy (eds) 2016, Unstable Relations: Indigenous People and Environmentalism in Contemporary Australia, UWA Publishing. Available from:

2015 Books:

Beattie, J., Melillo, E., O’Gorman, E. (eds) 2015, Eco-cultural Networks and the British Empire: New Views on Environmental History, Bloomsbury, London.

El Khoury, A. 2015, Globalization, Development and Social Justice:A Propositional Political Approach, Routledge, New York and London.

Han, Sun Sheng (University of Melbourne);  Green, Ray (University of Melbourne); and Wang, Mark (University of Melbourne) (eds) 2015, Towards Low Carbon Cities in China: Urban Form and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Routledge, EarthScan.
Available from:

Harvey, D. & Perry, J. (eds) 2015, The Future of Heritage as Climates Change. Loss, Adaptation and Creativity, Routledge.
Available at:

Hay, I. & Giles, P. 2015, Communicating in Geography and the Environmental Sciences, 2nd Canadian edition, Oxford University Press, Toronto. Available from:

Maclean, Kirsten, 2015, Cultural Hybridity and the Environment. Strategies to Celebrate Local and Indigenous Knowledge, Springer. Available at:

Palutikof, J., Boulter, S., Barnett, J. and Rissik, D. (eds.) 2015, Applied Studies in Climate Adaptation, Wiley.
Available from:

Vanclay, F., Esteves, A.M., Aucamp, I. & Franks, D. 2015, Social Impact Assessment: Guidance for Assessing and Managing the Social Impacts of Projects, Fargo ND, International Association for Impact Assessment.
Available from: or from the SIAhub

2014 Books:

Adey, Peter; Bissell, David (ANU); Hannam, Kevin; Merriman, Peter; and  Sheller, Mimi  (eds) 2014, The Routledge Handbook of Mobilities,  Routledge, London. Available from:

Barker, Sue;  McCaskill, Murray; Ward, Brian; Bardsley, Ken (eds) 2014, Explore the Flinders Ranges: A Guide Book, Royal Geographical Society of South Australia. Available from Royal Geographical Society of SA,; or email; or phone (08) 8207 7265

Bauman,Toni; Strelein, Lisa M. & Weir, Jessica K.  (eds) 2013, Living with Native Title: The Experiences of Registered Native Title Corporations, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS Research Publications).
Available from:

Biggs, Eloise M.; Bryan Boruff; Eleanor Bruce; John M.A. Duncan; Billy J. Haworth; Stephanie Duce; Julia Horsley; Jayne Curnow; Andreas Neef; Kellie McNeill; Natasha Pauli; Floris Van Ogtrop; Yukihiro Imanari 2014, Environmental Livelihood Security in South-East Asia and Oceania: A Water-Energy-Food-Livelihoods Nexus Approach for Spatially Assessing Change, White paper, Colombo, Sri Lanka, International Water Management Institute (IWMI). 114 pp. doi: 10.5337/2014.231. Details at: 

Bumpus, A.G.; Tansey, J.; Peréz-Henríquez, B.P.; Okereke, C. (eds) 2014, Carbon Governance, Climate Change and Business Transformation, Routledge, London. Available from: 

Byrne, Jason (Griffith); Sipe, Neil (Griffith);  and Dodson, Jago (Griffith) (eds) 2014, Australian  Environmental  Planning: Challenges  and  Future  Prospects,  Routledge. Available  from:

Cousins, Paul 2014, Think Crime: Using Evidence, Theory and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) for Planning Safer Cities, Praxis Education. Available from:

Dufty-Jones, Rae (University of Western Sydney)  and Connell, John (University of Sydney) 2014, Rural  Change  in  Australia: Population,  Economy,  Environment, Ashgate. Available from:

Goel, Kalpana; Pulla, Venkat and Francis, Abraham P. (eds) 2014, Community Work: Theories, Experiences and Challenges, Niruta Publications, Bangalore, India. Available from:

Heyes, Scott A. and Helgen, Kristofer M. (eds)  2014, Mammals of  Ungava  and  Labrador. The  Fieldnotes  of  Lucien  M.  Turner  together  with  Inuit  and  Innu  Knowledge,  Smithsonian  Institution Scholarly  Press,  Washington  D.C.  ISBN:  1935623214.  Available  from:

Higgs, Kerryn 2014, Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet, MIT Press. 

Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala 2014, Experiencing and Coping with Change: Women-headed Households in the Eastern Gangetic Plains. ACIAR Technical Reports No. 83. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra. 67 pp.

Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala (ANU) (ed.)  2014, The  Coal  Nation: Histories, Politics  and  Ecologies  of  Coal  in  India, Ashgate, Aldershot.
Available  from:

Lean, Garth;  Staiff, Russell & Waterton, Emma (eds) 2014, Travel and Imagination, Ashgate.
Available from:

Maginn, Paul and Steinmetz, Christine 2014, Suburban Sexscapes: Geographies and Regulation of the Sex Industry, Routledge, London. Available from:

Maude, Alaric 2014, Understanding and Teaching the Australian Curriculum: Geography, Hawker Brownlow, ISBN 978176001 1710. Available from:, or via email on

Pawar, Manohar 2014, Water and Social Policy, Palgrave Pivot. Available from:

James, Peggy (2014, Cosmopolitan Conservationists: Greening Modern Sydney. Australian Scholarly Publishing.  Available from: 

Rauscher, R. and Momtaz, Salim (Newcastle) 2014, Sustainable Communities: A Framework for Planning - Case Study of an Australian Outer Sydney Growth Area, Springer, Amsterdam. Available from:

Johan Reyns, Ap van Dongeren, Dano Roelvink, Ryan Lowe, James Falter, Bryan Boruff (eds) 2014, Vulnerability of Coral Reef Protected Coastlines in a Changing Environment. Available from: 

Robinson, Daniel F. 2014, Biodiversity, Access and Benefit-Sharing: Global Case Studies, Routledge/Earthscan, London and NY. Available from:

Robinson, Guy M. and Carson, Doris (eds) 2014, Handbook on The Globalisation of Agriculture, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. Available from:

Rimmer, Peter J. 2014, Asian-Pacific Rim Logistics: Global Context and Local Policies, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham, UK. Available from: 

Shrestha, K. K.; Ojha, H.; McManus, P.; Rubbo, A. & Dhote, K. (eds) 2014, Inclusive Urbanization: Rethinking Policy and Practice in the Age of Climate Change, Routledge, New York.Available from:

Stimson, Robert  (ed.) 2014, Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Spatially Integrated Social Science, Edward Elgar Publishing. Available from:

Stratford, Elaine (University of Tasmania) 2014, Geographies,  Mobilities, and  Rhythms  over  the  Life-Course:  Adventures  in  the Interval, Routledge. Available from:

Vanclay, Frank (ed.) 2014, Developments  in  Social  Impact  Assessment, Edward  Elgar  Publishing.
Available from:

Wang, Mark Y. (University of Melbourne); Kee, Pookong, Gao, Jia (eds) 2014, Transforming  Chinese  Cities, Routledge, New York/Oxen.  Available from:

Warren, Andrew and Gibson, Chris (University of Wollongong) 2014, Surfing Places, Surfboard Makers: Craft, Creativity, and Cultural Heritage in Hawaii, California, and Australia, University  of  Hawai’i  Press. Available  from:

Waterton, Emma; Lean, Garth and Staiff, Russell (eds) 2014, Travel and Transformation, Ashgate Publishing, UK. Available from:

Waterton, Emma and Watson, Steven 2014, The Semiotics of Heritage Tourism, Channel View Publications.
Available from:

Weir, Jessica; Norman, Barbara; Sullivan, Kate and Lavis, Jacqui 2014, Planning and Bushfire Risk in a Changing Climate, Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre, Victoria. Available from: 

Younus, Md Aboul Fazal  2014, Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Bangladesh Processes, Assessment and Effects,  Springer. Available at:

2005-2013 Books (pdf file)