Awards: The IAG 'PLACE'


The IAG Presidents’ Leadership Award for Contribution by an Early career scholar


  • Recognise excellence in contributions to the discipline made by Early career members of the Institute;
  • Acknowledge contributions made to the discipline by all IAG members, in addition to those made by more senior scholars; and
  • Enhance the IAG’s capacity to recognise the diversity of achievements made by IAG members and to support and promote the discipline and the study of geography more broadly.

Award rules:

The award recognises excellence in any area of geographic scholarship or academic endeavour contributing to the discipline of geography, including (and not limited to): research, teaching, engagement, and/or service. The contribution may relate to a single activity or output, and/or combination or cumulative activities/outputs.

Members may self-nominate for the award, or be nominated by another member. If self-nominating, then the nomination must include contact details of one referee who must be a member of the Institute.

The nomination should take the following form:

  • A full statement (no more than 1000 words) describing the contribution that is deserving of recognition, and the nominee’s suitability for the award;
  • An additional 150 word summary of the contribution;
  • Attached independent evidence of the nature, extent and impact of the contribution; and
  • Evidence of eligibility.


  • To be eligible for the PLACE, the nominee must be:
  • an Early career scholar, as currently defined by the relevant Australian research frameworks; and
  • a current financial member of the IAG.


The award will comprise a framed certificate.


Nominations will be invited each year.

Awards will be made by a majority of Council after receiving advice from the President and two Vice- Presidents.