The IAG Award for Teaching Leadership and Scholarship (ATLAS)

Recognises excellence in contributions via outstanding leadership and/or scholarship in teaching, including communication of geography, and/or engagement in the discipline made formally or informally by members of the Institute or non-members.

Award rules

  • Nominations will be invited each year.
  • The award recognises excellence in leadership and scholarship in the teaching (at any level), of the discipline of geography, or otherwise in promotion, engagement or communication of geography to scholarly and to wider audiences. The candidate may be an academic, professional or ‘nominated citizen’ who has excelled in leadership and scholarship in the teaching of geography, including (though not limited to): teaching at any level, research into teaching and/or promotion, engagement, communication of geography to scholarly and to wider audiences. The award may recognise a single achievement, and/or cumulative activities/outputs. The nominee may be an individual or a group.

Members may nominate for the award or be nominated by another member. If self-nominating, then the nomination must include contact details of one referee who must be a member of the Institute. The nomination should take the following form:

  • a full statement of no more than 1,000 words describing the contribution that is deserving of recognition, and the nominee’s suitability for the award;
  • an additional 150-word summary of the contribution;
  • attached independent evidence of the nature, extent, and impact of the contribution; and
  • evidence of eligibility.


  • To be eligible for the ATLAS, the nominee must be a current financial member of the IAG, or nominated by a current financial member.


The award will comprise a framed certificate.

The IAG ‘ATLAS’ Award recipients.

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