Awards: Fellowship 'FIAG'

Fellowship of the Institute of Australian Geographers (FIAG)


  • Recognise sustained and significant contributions made to the discipline by IAG members in a diverse array of fields;
  • Acknowledge contributions to the discipline made by practitioner and professional geographers as well as academic members of the Institute; and
  • Encourage continued contribution to the discipline and membership of the IAG and to support and promote the discipline and the study of geography more broadly.

Award Rules:

The Fellowship is awarded for significant and sustained service to the geography profession in Australia, which encompasses a wide range of sectors including industry, government, consultancy, education, non-government and community organizations, as well as the academy.

Applications should comprise:

A statement detailing their contributions (maximum 1000 words)

An attached curriculum vitae (maximum 5 pages)

In these documents applicants must provide evidence to Council of their contributions to the geography profession with respect to at least one of the following:

  • Meritorious professional service as a Geographer
    Sustained contribution that significantly  advances geographical policy development or public understanding.
  • Significant advances in Geography
    Sustained contribution to research and/or teaching activities that have significantly advanced geographical knowledge and/or policy development.
  • Significant development of Geography
    Sustained contribution that significantly advances the discipline and/or the professional development of geographers.


Applicants for the award of Fellowship of the Institute of Australian Geographers must have at least five years membership of the Institute, and must be a current member of the Institute.


Fellows are entitled to use the postnominal, FIAG. Fellows pay the same membership fee as Members.


Nominations are invited in February and July each year.

The award of Fellowship of the Institute of Australian Geographers will be made by a majority of Council after receiving advice from the President and two Vice-Presidents.

Recipients of the Fellowship of the Institute of Australian Geographers
  • Professor Iain Hay 2008
  • Associate Professor Tony Sorenson 2008
  • Professor Kay Anderson 2009
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Patrick Armstrong 2009
  • Mr Terry Birtles 2009
  • Professor Bill Boyd 2009
  • Professor Robert Freestone 2009
  • Professor Roy Jones 2009
  • Professor Brian G. Lees 2009
  • Professor Richard Le Heron 2009
  • Emeritus Associate Professor Bob Loughran 2009
  • Professor Pauline McGuirk 2009
  • Professor Phil O’Neill 2009
  • Associate Professor Elaine Stratford 2009
  • Emeritus Professor Murray Wilson 2009
  • Professor Hilary P.M. Winchester 2009
  • Dr Robert Burne 2010
  • Dr Jocelyn Davies 2010
  • Dr Ruth Farmer 2010
  • Ms Julie Kesby 2010
  • Emeritus Professor Bruce Ryan 2010
  • Dr Robin F Warner 2010
  • Associate Professor Neil Argent 2012
  • Dr Hugo Bekle 2012
  • Associate Professor Robyn Dowling 2012
  • Associate Professor Deirdre Dragovich 2012
  • Associate Professor Jim Forrest 2012
  • Professor Chris Gibson 2012
  • Dr Scott Mooney 2012
  • Professor Jim Walmsley 2012
  • Dr Ashley Webb 2012
  • Mr Graham Pascoe 2014
  • Dr Amanda Davies 2017 (citation)
  • Professor Tim Smith 2019 (citation)