Archive: IAG Postgraduate

Applicants for the Postgraduate Paper Award are asked to submit a paper to the Editors of Geographical Research based on work undertaken during their research for a higher degree. The paper could be submitted during the period of enrolment but should not be submitted later than two years after their thesis has been accepted. The paper must be single authored.

Format and standards for the paper will follow that of journal articles to Geographical Research. The Editor(s) of the journal will have sole discretion as to whether the paper will be published.

The Award will consist of one year IAG membership fees, cash sum of $500.00 and a certificate.

No more than one award will be made each year. The Institute reserves the right not to make an award in any year.

The Award will be publicised in the first half of each year through a notice in the Institute’s Newsletter, the IAG list, and by email sent to each member who has registered an email address.

Manuscripts must not exceed 6000 words (inclusive of references) and may include not more than six diagrams, maps or photographs together with necessary tables. Manuscripts should be submitted to the editors of Geographical Research, stating that the paper is to be considered for the award. Three copies of the paper should be submitted (which may be in back-to-back format) following the style conventions of Geographical Research (see the page “Instructions for Authors” published in a recent issue of the journal).

The papers will be reviewed independently by at least two referees and considered for publication in the normal way. The editors will judge which paper receives the award although all papers deemed acceptable by the referees and editors will be published in Geographical Research. The designation of high commendation, with a year’s free membership of the Institute, may be given to those submissions which come close to the level of the award winner.

For further details, contact the Editors of Geographical Research.

Winners of the IAG Postgraduate Award (with the university where the research was undertaken and the title of the paper published in Australian Geographical Studies and Geographical Research)

  • Wendy Shaw (University of Newcastle) 2000
    Ways of whiteness: Harlemising Sydney’s Aboriginal Redfern
  • Cathy Robinson (Australian Defence Force Academy) 2001
    Working towards regional agreements: recent developments in co-operative resource management in Canada’s British Columbia
  • Chris Gibson (University of New South Wales, Sydney) 2002
    Rural transformation and cultural industries: popular music on the New South Wales Far North Coast
  • Julianna Priskin (University of Western Australia) 2003
    Issues and opportunities in planning and managing nature-based tourism in the Central Coast Region of Western Australia
  • Nicholas Gill (Australian Defence Force Academy) 2004
    Politics within and without: the origins and development of a Rangelands Landcare Group
  • Jennifer A. Wang (University of Sydney) 2005
    The changing health care behaviour of the Hmong refugee population in Sydney
  • Bev Clarke (University of Adelaide) 2006
    Australia’s Coastcare Program (1995-2002): its purpose, components and outcomes
  • Gavin Malone (Flinders University) 2007
    Ways of belonging: reconciliation and Adelaide’s public space Indigenous cultural markers
  • Amanda Davies (UNE) 2009
    Understanding local leadership in building the capacity of rural communities in Australia
  • Alanna Kamp (UNSW Sydney) 2010
    Formative geographies of belonging in white Australia: Constructing the national self and other in parliamentary debate, 1901
  • Lisa Guppy (University of Western Australia) Co-author Andrew Shantz 2011
    Groundwater quality in rural Cambodia: Measures and perceptions
  • Emily Callander (University of Sydney) Co-authors Deborah Schofield and Rupendra N. Shresta 2012
    Capacity for freedom – Using a new poverty measure to look at regional differences in living standards within Australia
  • Therese Kenna (University of College Cork) Co-author Deborah Stevenson 2013
    Experiences of ‘community’ in a gated residential estate