Archive: IAG Postgraduate

This award is no longer current.

Past recipients of the IAG Postgraduate Award

Wendy Shaw (University of Newcastle) 2000
'Ways of whiteness: Harlemising Sydney’s Aboriginal Redfern'

Cathy Robinson (Australian Defence Force Academy) 2001
'Working towards regional agreements: recent developments in co-operative resource management in Canada’s British Columbia'

Chris Gibson (University of New South Wales) 2002
'Rural transformation and cultural industries: popular music on the New South Wales Far North Coast'

Julianna Priskin (University of Western Australia) 2003
'Issues and opportunities in planning and managing nature-based tourism in the Central Coast Region of Western Australia'

Nicholas Gill (Australian Defence Force Academy) 2004
'Politics within and without: the origins and development of a Rangelands Landcare Group'

Jennifer A. Wang (University of Sydney) 2005
'The changing health care behaviour of the Hmong refugee population in Sydney'

Beverley Clarke (University of Adelaide) 2006
'Australia’s Coastcare Program (1995-2002): its purpose, components and outcomes'

Gavin Malone (Flinders University) 2007
'Ways of belonging: reconciliation and Adelaide’s public space Indigenous cultural markers'

Amanda Davies (University of New England) 2009
'Understanding local leadership in building the capacity of rural communities in Australia'

Alanna Kamp (University of New South Wales) 2010
'Formative geographies of belonging in white Australia: Constructing the national self and other in parliamentary debate, 1901'

Lisa Guppy (University of Western Australia) Co-author Andrew Shantz 2011
'Groundwater quality in rural Cambodia: Measures and perceptions'

Emily Callander (University of Sydney) Co-authors Deborah Schofield and Rupendra N. Shresta 2012
'Capacity for freedom – Using a new poverty measure to look at regional differences in living standards within Australia'

Therese Kenna (University of College Cork) Co-author Deborah Stevenson 2013
'Experiences of ‘community’ in a gated residential estate'

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