The IAG is managed by a Council of officers and members elected at the General Meeting each year. There are six officers: a President and two Vice-Presidents, and a Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and Honorary Membership Secretary. Each President serves a two-year term as Vice-President (President Elect) before becoming President for further two years, and then Vice-President (Immediate Past President) for a final two years. Presidents are not eligible for immediate re-election. There are also four Councillors, at least one of whom must be a postgraduate student. The Editors of Geographical Research and the Newsletter are ex officio members of the Council, as is the Secretary (Web) and Editor (GEOView). There is also a member representing the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association (AGTA). The Council meets two or three times a year.


Associate Professor Beverley Clarke

Associate Professor Robyn Bartel
(President Elect)
Associate Professor Ian Rutherfurd
(Immediate Past President)

The current Council comprises (with location and email address in brackets):
President: Associate Professor Beverley Clarke (Flinders University,
Vice-President (President Elect): Associate Professor Robyn Bartel (University of New England,
Vice-President (Immediate Past President):Associate Professor Ian Rutherfurd (The University of Melbourne,
Honorary Secretary:Associate Professor Jennifer Carter, School of Social Sciences, University of the Sunshine Coast,
Honorary Treasurer:Dr Paul McFarland (University of New England,
Honorary Membership Secretary:  Dr Tod Jones (Curtin University,
Secretary (Web), Public Officer: Ms Julie Kesby (PO Box 4343 Hawker ACT 2614,
Dr Hugo Bekle
Dr Catherine Phillips (The University of Melbourne,
Dr Meg Sherval (The University of Newcastle,
Postgraduate Rep: Charishma Ratnam (University of New South Wales,

Editors, Geographical Research:

The Journal is managed by Editors appointed by the Council of the Institute:
The Editor-in-Chief for Geographical Research is Professor Elaine Stratford (Tasmania). Associate Editors in the team include Associate Professor Amanda Davies (Curtin), Professor Steve Turton (Central Queensland University), Dr Danielle Drozdzewski (UNSW). Our Editorial Assistant is Dr Kirstie Petrou, Twitter Account: @GeogResearch. This editorial team represents a wonderful combination of experience, a range of sub-areas within geography, excellent international links, and the potential for ongoing innovation.

Editor, Newsletter Elyssa Waters, University of Melbourne (
Editor, GEOView: Professor Steve Turton (Adjunct Professor, Central Queensland University, Cairns,
AGTA Representative: Susan Caldis (Secretary, Australian Geography Teachers’ Association Inc., GTANSW Vice President,