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Interim Membership Process for 2017

Interim Membership Process for 2017

Dear Members of the Institute of Australian Geographers,

We are moving to a new website in coming months (hopefully before the IAG conference in Brisbane), and that site will provide seamless membership management and payment.  Unfortunately the website is not quite ready, but our old membership systems are expiring.  This finds us between systems, and this has made it difficult for people to either join the IAG, or renew their membership.  This is particularly a problem if you want to get the members discount for the upcoming IAG conference in Brisbane (please note that the conference organisors are being flexible with this issue, and have extended the early-bird deadline while we get the membership sorted out). I want to apologise for this inconvenience, and ask you to bear with us while we transition to the great new system.  

While we wait for the new system, we have an interim process for renewing 2017 memberships, and for new members to join.  The Membership Form that allows you to renew or join is at the following link: are two payment options: by credit card or Direct Deposit to our account with NAB. We are asking you to fill in all of your details so that we can be absolutely sure that we have correct information.  We also ask you which study groups you are a member of, or would like to join. Can I encourage you to select the three year membership option to make life easier for everybody?  

If you have any queries about your membership, the renewal process, or think you are already paid up-to-date, please contact the IAG Administrative Officer, Kirstie Petrou at

Please feel free to circulate this email to others who might need to renew their membership, or who want to become a new member. 


Yours sincerely,




Ian Rutherfurd

IAG President