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Geographical Research is the internationally refereed journal of the Institute of Australian Geographers, the national body representing academic and professional geographers in Australia. The primary objective of Geographical Research is to advance geographical research across the discipline and especially to encourage research at the human-physical geography interface. The journal also supports the Institute’s Study Groups in Cultural Geography; Economic Geography; Environmental Sustainability; GIScience, Spatial Analysis and Modelling; Indigenous Issues; Political Geography; Rural Studies and Urban geography. The journal includes academic papers, research reports, essays and book reviews. Short papers from practising (professional) geographers, and geographers in education, are particularly welcome.

Geographical Research is published quarterly by Wiley on behalf of the Institute of Australian Geographers, through Editors appointed by the Council of the Institute.

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Prof. Iain Hay

Dr Amanda Davies

Assoc. Prof. Brian Finlayson

Dr Wayne Stephenson

The IAG is excited to announce the new editorial team for Geographical Research to commence in 2014.  Professor Iain Hay (Flinders) is the new Editor in Chief.  Dr Amanda Davies (Curtin) is a new editor for the team.  Two current editors, Associate Professor Brian Finlayson (Melbourne) and Dr Wayne Stephenson (Otago), will ensure continuity between the outgoing editorial team and the new editorial team.  This new editorial team represents a wonderful combination of experience, a range of sub-areas within geography, excellent international links, and the potential for ongoing innovation.  We believe that this is a very strong editorial team to build on the achievements of recent years, and to take Geographical Research to a new level in the publishing world for research that is geographical in orientation.  Once again, we would like to thank the outgoing team for their dedication, efforts and achievements and we are very happy to introduce to you our new editorial team of Iain Hay, Brian Finlayson, Amanda Davies and Wayne Stephenson.

Articles accepted for Geographical Research are published on-line in Early View, which is available through your library’s electronic subscription. This service enables the downloading and circulation of articles very shortly after they are received in final form, without having to wait until the actual print edition. Early View is a highly valuable platform for the timely promotion of your new work to colleagues as well as for providing early student and research access to the latest material.

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There is also a link to the Geographical Research panel discussion on Australian population issues (Institute of Australian Geographers Conference, University of Wollongong 2011) which is worth exploring via YouTube

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Australian Editorial Advisory Board

Kay Anderson, University of Western Sydney
Andrew Brooks, Griffith University
Kevin Dunn, University of Western Sydney
Patricia Fanning, Macquarie University
Stephen Gale, University of Sydney
Jamie Kirkpatrick, University of Tasmania
Bob Loughran, University of Newcastle, New South Wales
Pauline McGuirk, University if Newcastle, New South Wales
Patrick Nunn, University of New England
Lesley Potter, Australian National University
Nigel Tapper, Monash University
Matthew Tonts, University of Western Australia
Stephen Turton, James Cook University, Cairns
Hilary Winchester, University of South Australia

International Editorial Advisory Panel

Richard Bedford, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Ian Douglas, University of Manchester, UK
Ron Johnston, University of Bristol, UK
Lily Kong, National University of Singapore
Mike Meadows, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Janice Monk, University of Arizona, USA
Takashi Oguchi, University of Tokyo, Japan
Jonathan Phillips, University of Kentucky, USA
Susan Roberts, University of Kentucky, USA
Steffanie Scott, University of Waterloo, Canada
Michael Stocking, University of East Anglia, UK
Xiaoping Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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