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IAG Conference 2017 Brisbane


The convenors of the 2017 IAG annual conference in Brisbane are pleased to report that preparations are underway. The event is planned to be held on the University of Queensland’s campus in St Lucia on 12-14 July 2017, with 11 July designated for post-grad day and study group meetings. In due course, the IAG community will be contacted with regard to suggestions for plenary speakers, field trip locations, etc.

2017 Conference Website:

Thomas Sigler
Chair, Local Organising Committee 

IAG Conference in 2016


 Frontiers of Geographical Knowledge

The IAG Annual Conference will return to Adelaide in 2016, and will be organised by a consortium of Flinders University, the Universities of Adelaide and South Australia, CSIRO and the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia. All venues will be in the city centre.

Our overarching theme will be frontiers of geographical knowledge. We encourage you to think creatively around this, and while not being prescriptive consider building parallel sessions and symposia, and offering papers, around the following:

• What Australian geographical research is impacting people’s lives?
• Where are Australian geographers influencing public policy and helping solve major world, national and regional problems?
• What are the new issues, the theoretical advances, and the novel and exciting contributions and innovations in Geography?
• Where are the new research frontiers within Geography, and between geographers and other disciplines?
• Revisiting Edward Ackermann’s seminal paper Where is the Research Frontier? - in the light of 50 years of geographical research.

We want IAG2016 to have a strong international flavour and for the conference to be a major contribution to the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) - an initiative of the International Geographical Union -  (, and in doing so flag Australia’s strong engagement with the international geographical community.

To paraphrase Maxwell Maltz, we “… may live in an imperfect world but the frontiers are not closed…”. So please join us in Adelaide to further open up the geographical frontiers.

Professor Andrew Millington
Flinders University

IAG 2016 Conference Website 

Calendar for Future IAG Conferences:

2016 - Adelaide  (conference website)
2017 - Brisbane
2018 - Auckland, New Zealand (combined with NZGS/IAG conference)

IAG 2015 Conference, Canberra July 1-3 at the Australian National University


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Travel Grants for Postgraduates

The IAG supports the active participation of its postgraduate members in national and international conferences. To further this aim the Council provides travel grants to assist eligible Research Higher Degree students to attend the annual IAG National Conference and the International Geographical Union Congress. The following describes the selection criteria and application process for postgraduate members who wish to apply for funding to attend the National Conference. Travel grants are awarded at the discretion of the IAG Council. Support for attendance at conferences other than the IAG Conference and the IGU Congress is not available from the IAG.

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ECR Application Process for a Travel Grant to attend the International IGU Congress - The International Geographical Union Congress in Beijing, China, 21- 25 August, 2016.